Doctors Notes

Diet Coke or Orange Juice

I hope everyone was able to support National Doughnut Day last Friday. I did my best. With the latest east coast craze of the cronut to Dunkins glazed donut breakfast sandwich, why can we not just keep a little tradition and tweak the classics.

My latest dilemma and “huh” moment occurred recently when the doughnut aficionado in training at my house asked for doughnut holes and diet coke for breakfast. I said you need something a little healthier than diet coke, how about orange juice. Sold. Afterwards I began to think about the sugar content in the orange juice. Was it better to give more sugar and acidity of orange juice or no sugar, acidity, and fake sweeteners of the diet coke? Either way I won points with the serve yourself no limit on doughnut holes breakfast. Don’t worry; we threw in some fruits and veggies at lunch.


An episode of Duck Dynasty where the boys decide to have a doughnut eating contest made me think about my most enjoyable treat, doughnuts. Doughnuts are one of my favorite treats. Breakfast, lunch, anytime of the day, a doughnut puts a smile on my face. But you ask, why is a dentist writing about doughnuts. Aren’t you supposed to be the anti -sugar guy and campaign against all sugary product’s. Yes and no.

In this series, we will look at the do’s and dont’s of sugar/carbohydrates in the diet and how it affects those pearly whites. We will look at amounts and times of sugar exposures. I know Si put down an amazing amount of doughnuts in the contest, I’m not sure about is cholesterol level, but he did put them down in a very timely manner. My liking for doughnuts came at an early age. Growing up in Edinburgh, IN, we traveled to Columbus for most everything. The one bonus to the trip was the Sap’s donut factory. I remember rolling down the car window just before the factory and hoping that my parents would drive slow enough to fill the car with that great smell of doughnuts, then roll up the windows real fast to trap that glorious smell. It just occurred to me, what is the correct way to spell donut, I mean doughnut. Anyway, don’t forget to mark your calendars for June 7, 2013. That is National Doughnut Day.