Be Prepaired for Your Child's First Visit

At what age should children start seeing a dentist?

It's recommend that a child see a pediatric dentist by six months of age, and no later than their first birthday.

First visits for newborns to 2 year olds

Parents will accompany their child back to our specially designed infant dental rooms for the visit.

The first visit for newborns through almost three years old

As is recommended by the AAP and the AAPD, we begin seeing babies (with and without teeth!) at six months old. Consider these early age visits to the pediatric dentist as "well dental visits" similar to the well child visits at the pediatrician's office. Early visits are the key to a lifetime of healthy teeth. Parents will accompany their child back to our specially designed infant dental rooms for the visit - either the Giant's Fish tank, the Giant's Circus room, or the Giant's toy room where our pediatric dentist will do a lap to lap exam with you to examine your baby's mouth, teeth, gums, throat, tongue, and muscle attachments. As your baby grows older, the specially designed benches can be made into a dental chair so your child can try sitting in the chair like a big kid.

Once they are comfortable with getting their teeth checked while sitting in the chair, they will graduate to our big kids room where all of the kids get their teeth cleaned with a hygienist and a checkup with the pediatric dentist. We have viewing benches designed for parents to comfortably watch while their child gets oral hygiene instructions and their cleaning with the hygienist. Seeing your child get their teeth cleaned for the first time is especially rewarding when you have watched them progress from an infant to a child that is happy and confident about coming to the dentist!

The first visit for children three years and older

If we will be seeing your child for their first visit at three years and older, you will accompany your child back to the Giant's Porch, also know as our big kids room. Here your child will get their teeth cleaned, flossed, and polished followed by a brushing lesson with one our dental hygienists. Parents are encouraged to relax on our viewing benches. Each child gets to pick the flavor of toothpaste the hygienist will use to clean their teeth. Some of the yummy flavors we have include: chocolate, cotton candy, marshmallow, blueberry pie, and strawberry. We also have a toothpaste without flavor if your child would do better without introducing a new taste and smell. Our staff personally taste tests all of the flavors we use so we can honestly recommend them to our patients! While many children enjoy the open concept of the big kids room, we know some children do better in a private, quiet environment. For this reason, we also have the arctic room which our hygienists can also use for cleaning appointments. When you schedule your child's first visit, please let us know if you think your child would do better in the quiet arctic room.

After your child's cleaning, the pediatric dentist will examine your child's teeth and any radiographs that were taken. You will always have plenty of time to discuss any questions you may have with the pediatric dentist at each and every cleaning appointment.

Patient Information

Thank you for choosing Bloomington Pediatric Dentistry. Please click on the links to the right to print off your new patient paperwork. If you have more than one child please print off one packet per child. Please bring this paperwork to your child’s appointment along with their insurance card 15 minutes before their appointment time. We will ask you to fill out three additional sheets upon arrival that require a signature.

Again, thank you for choosing Bloomington Pediatric Dentistry. If you have any questions please contact us at 812-355-0855.

As a reminder, a parent/guardian must stay on the premises while the child is being seen. We ask that if you need to go to your car or want to step outside you inform the front patient care coordinator. This is for the safety of your child.


If this is your first time visiting the office, print this form and fill it out to make your visit more pleasant.


If you've been to the office before we will need you to fill out a Medical History Form. Print this form and fill it out to make your visit more pleasant.

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