Office Based Anesthesia (IV Sedation)

Some children, because of their young age or due to the large amount of treatment they require, would benefit from something more than what nitrous oxide can provide. Office based anesthesia, also known as IV sedation, is another option that the doctor may discuss with you. With office based anesthesia your child would be put to sleep for the dental procedure by a dentist anesthesiologist while the pediatric dentist completes the dental treatment – usually in one visit! If office based anesthesia is a treatment option for your child, you will be scheduled for an initial consultation with the dentist anesthesiologist. At this visit, the dentist anesthesiologist will review your child’s health history and make sure your child is a good candidate for office based anesthesia. It is also an opportunity for you to ask any questions you may have about office based anesthesia.

Dr. Mark Saxen

Bloomington Pediatric Dentistry is honored to have dentist anesthesiologist Dr. Mark Saxen work with us in our office. Dr. Saxen received his undergraduate education at the University of Notre Dame and his DDS degree at Case Western Reserve University. He completed a two-year residency in Anesthesiology and earned a PhD in Pharmacology form the Medical College of Virginia/Virginia Commonwealth University in 1993.

Since then he has maintained an active dental anesthesia practice in the greater Indianapolis area. Dr. Saxen served in a variety of teaching and research appointments during his 17 years on the faculty of the Indiana University Schools of Dentistry and Medicine. He has been a diplomate of the American Dental Board of Anesthesiology since 1996.


What is Office Based Anesthesia?

Office based anesthesia utilizes the training and experience of a dentist anesthesiologist to apply an appropriate level of anesthesia for your child’s treatment. The level of anesthesia may range from deep, complete sleep to brief relaxation, depending upon your child’s dental needs and overall health.

Who should be sedated?

Children with severe anxiety and/or the inability to relax are candidates for sedation. Usually these children are young or have trouble managing their anxiety.

Why utilize Office Based Anesthesia?

Office based anesthesia aids in calming a child so that he/she can accept dental treatment in a more relaxed state. For children that need extensive treatment, office based anesthesia provides a way to finish treatment in one visit versus multiple visits.

What medications are used?

Many different agents can be used for office based anesthesia. The decision to use a particular drug or technique depends upon the unique needs of your child and the type of dental treatment to be performed. Dr. Saxen will discuss his recommendations and answer any questions you may have about the medications when you and your child meet with him for your initial consultation appointment.

Is sedation safe?

Office based anesthesia delivered by a dentist anesthesiologist has an excellent safety record. Pediatric dentists, by virtue of their training, are highly experienced in treating patients under anesthesia. Bloomington Pediatric Dentistry utilizes board certified dentist anesthesiologists to work with their staff in providing the highest level of safety for their office-based anesthesia.

What special instructions should I follow before and after the sedation appointment?

Prior to receiving anesthesia, you and your child will meet the dentist anesthesiologist to discuss preparation before anesthesia and also what to expect after anesthesia. A brief examination is performed on your child at that time while parents’ questions are addressed.

If you have any questions about our office based anesthesia program please call our office and ask to speak to Natalie, our office based anesthesia treatment coordinator.

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